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10 ways to beat the summer heat…

1)      Buy the little kids on the street some ice cream
2)      Give the road side cobbler a large umbrella to sit under
3)      Leave a bowl of water in your window for the thirsty birds
4)      Stop your car when the old person wants to cross the road in the blistering heat
5)      Turn on the ac in your store so the college kids could pretend to shop and get out of the heat
6)      Offer the laundry /maid/courier wala some chilled lemonade
7)      For a change don’t bargain with the street vendors, finishing your shopping in record time
8)      Offer the window seat in the train/bus to a lady travelling with a child
9)      Donate your old cotton clothes to an NGO
10)   Plant a few trees, that should help in the long run

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