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10 traits/things that we always expect from every teacher

Education is the greatest defence and weapon as well which is imparted to us by our teachers. They are the one who enlightens us in various fields. The one who gives us appraisal and punishment adequately. Teacher is after all a teacher. They make us understand the difference between wrong and right. Their favourite leisure is giving all the students bulk of homework. Urgh! And our favourite excuse is ÔÇÿMaÔÇÖam, I forgot my copy at home.ÔÇÖ (The obvious one. Universal lie.) By the way, our teachers expect us to possess some traits such as discipline, punctuality, blah blahÔǪ And even we want our respected pedagogues to possess some traits ehich would make us happy. The 10 traits/things which should a teacher possess are:

1.       First and foremost which everyone desperately expects from a teacher is that they should stop giving us homework. (THAT REALLY FRUSTRATES US AND REDUCES OUR PLAY TIME.)

2.       They should stop humiliating us. (I MEAN NO LIKES TO GET INSULTED IN FRONT OF OUR FRIENDS)


3.       They should stop trying to split us by making us sit separately from our friends. (THAT REALLY HURTS US)

4.       Listen to our universal lies about not doing homework, but comprehend it as the most genuine excuse they have ever heard. (IT MAKES US FEEL GOOD)


5.       To give us games period whenever we have a free period. (THAT WOULD MAKE US HAPPY)

6.       They should allow us to take selfies at class and even they should take selfies with us. (IT WOULD GIVE US AMPLE OF PHOTOS FOR FACEBOOK.)


7.       They should give us 10 minutes break after every one hour.

8.┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á They should stop referring us as ÔÇÿFISH MARKETÔÇÖ every time our giggles, chuckles crescendoes to the peak.

9.┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á They shouldnÔÇÖt make us run to the staff room to bring chalk/duster incessantly.


10.┬á┬á And the last one which we want is that they shouldnÔÇÖt inform our parents about all the negligible mistakes we commit. (BREAKING GLASS IS NEGLIGIBLE. BREAKING GLASS ON SOMEONEÔÇÖS HEAD IS GRAVE. THEREÔÇÖS DIFFERENCE.) 😉 😉

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