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10 Tips to take care of your skin in the monsoons

The much monsoons are here to stay.

Amidst the pitter-patter of rain drops, while our parched senses are getting enlivened by the ÔÇÿsondhi khushbuÔÇÖ of wet earth, nature is once again colouring our lives with its greenery. However, while our minds are getting refreshed after every shower we are still complaining about the sticky humid┬áair, the leaking roofs, the buzzing insects, the infections caused by them or the puddles of muddy water.

We are definitely worried about how the rainy season is affecting our body, particularly our skin.

1. Monsoon

So what can we do to empower our body cover to fight all odds of the season? How can we rejuvenate the freshness in it and make it as lively as before? (or even livelier ;))

JAM gives you with its 10 simple tips that can help our skin to enhance its shine even while it is raining cats and dogs.

JAM says  ..

1.       Keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water everyday.

2.       Eat light, fresh, green food. Eating oily, spicy and sour food can put pressure on the digestive system which tends to be weaker during this time compared to other months of the year.

3.       Avoid wearing boots when you go outside. Boots can hold water for a long time which can eventually lead to fungal infection in the toes.

4.       Cut your nails regularly as keeping long nails can gather dirt in them.

5.       Wash away the rain water from your body every time you come back home. Dry yourself properly and use anti fungal powder.

6.       Do not bleach your skin.

2. monsoon skin

7.┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬áUse gels made from herbs such as ÔÇÿamlaÔÇÖ, aloe vera on your skin. Besides acting as cooling agents they have anti-microbial powers.

8.       Avoid using alcohol based skin cleaners. You can use a gentle scrub to remove dust from your body followed by moisturizing.

9.       Apply sunscreen everytime you go out because the UV rays have the potential to make their way through the densely packed clouds.

10.  Go for light and waterproof makeup during these few months.

3. monsooooncove1

Like me, if you’ve been holding back from playing in the rain, do not worry, just┬áfollow these steps and let our skin stand out, glowing brilliantly.

In these densely clouded and humid months of the year.

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