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10 reasons why you couldn’t land a job after engineering.

1.  The first and foremost reason why couldn’t you get a job is that engineering is not your cup of tea. You take engineering like every typical Indian teenager, build expectation while graduating and regret a lot in the end.

2. You are just another engineering graduate. Not an Engineer. You hate to admit that you even lack fundamentals of your niche.

3.  You never have gone through a self analysis. You never asked yourself about what you want to be or what you like to do. You forget to find your passion for the sake of comforting others including your parents.

4. You are more concerned about the salary than your job designation which may help you for a while but you will regret that either. Did you ever ask yourself a question “Am I eligible for the salary that I expect from an employer?” Try to have a vision about your career instead of calculating the pay you get. You may suffer for a while but you will be in a place where you always wanted to.

5. You are hesitant to come out of your comfort zone. You are not trying to set your mind that you are going to work and that you are not kid anymore.

6. You don’t know about the industrial requirements. You keep mugging up those aptitude formulas from RS Aggarwal. Just google the recent trends in your field.

7. Since you are just out of your college you not only expect too much, you want instant results irrespective of the efforts you give in. Time will answer you this.

8.  Either you are a college topper or a back logger, you have lot of options to do after engineering, that confuses you in picking up the right choice

9. You have found what your heart craves for. But you are afraid of pursuing your passion. You want to be safe than to be happy. Read it twice.

10.  Last but not the least, you are aware of all the above reasons yet you never tried to change yourself.

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