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Father to son
Father to son

10 Hilariously sarcastic tweets on Fathers’ day

1. Happy Father’s Day to a dad that will never see this tweet. He doesn’t know what twitter even is. Here’s to you dad.

2.Happy Father’s Day daddy , wait I don’t know you (-;

3.Hats off to all those who didn’t use CONDOM that night. Happy Father’s Day.

4.Happy Father’s Day to all the boys that make their girlfriends call them daddy.

5. I always wonder why everyone writes ” you are my best father , Happy Father’s Day Papa “. Means they have more than one father ? Crazy.

6. Don’t forget to use social media to say Happy Father’s Day to your father who doesn’t use social media and won’t see it

7.Seeing tweets about people who lost there dads and saying happy Father’s Day makes me really appreciate my dad

8. Happy father’s day to my boyfriend’s dad for impregnating his mother and creating my lover

9. Ladies… Message your exes telling them happy Father’s Day and see what they say.

10.Dear son, I dont want a selfie in fb or twitter.Do something else that would make me proud


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