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10 best moments from F.R.I.E.N.ÔÇïD.S

If F.R.I.E.N.D.S was to be defined in a single sentence, it would be this: the show that gave us 10 years of awesomeness.

Every episode, every scene, every character, every relationship and every single second of this show was wrapped with crazy fun and impeccable humour. While it is nearly impossible to pen down the most special or amazing episode of the show that lasted a decade, here are 10 of the gazillion moments that will surely stay in our hearts forever:

1.┬á┬á┬á┬á ÔÇ£HeÔÇÖs her lobster!ÔÇØ
He's my lobster

He’s my lobster

Since the beginning of the show, we saw Ross pining after Rachel. But be it Italian guys or Chinese-looking Americans, something or the other always got in the way. So, when these two cuties finally got together, the whole world cheered. Who doesnÔÇÖt remember the Lobster theory, right?
2.     Monica teaching Chandler the 7 erogenous zones

Erogenous zones

The day Monica gave the ÔÇ£erogenous zones tutorialÔÇØ to Chandler, and did the whole world a favour.
3.     When Phoebe got pregnant !
Phoebe pregnant

Phoebe pregnant

Another epic thing that happened in this episode? Phoebe got pregnant, with her brotherÔÇÖs child!

4.    When Monica and Rachel lost their apartment

phoebe pregnant!!

Oh My God!!

Nobody could have predicted that what started as a simple bet would lead to Monica and Rachel losing their apartment to Joey and Chandler. This was undoubtedly one of the most epic episodes ever
5.┬á┬á┬á┬á When Ross said ÔÇ£RachelÔÇØ at the wedding
I take thee Rachel

I take thee Rachel

We all hated Emily, didnÔÇÖt we? After rooting for Rachel and Ross for 4 whole seasons, it killed all us fans to see Ross making such a terrible decision. But then RossÔÇÖs ÔÇ£I, take thee RachelÔÇØ restored our faith in this adorable couple once again. ┬á
6.┬á┬á┬á┬á JoeyÔÇÖs reaction to Chandler and MonicaÔÇÖs affair
Monica and Chandler shocked everyone when they started dating. And though all the group members had crazy reactions to their affair, JoeyÔÇÖs perhaps was the best. We could totally feel the torture you went through, Joey; it was difficult for EVERYONE to keep this big secret to themselves!
7.     When Monica proposed Chandler
Monica proposes to chandler
This will probably be remembered as one of the most beautiful and emotional scenes of all time. After a hell lot of chaos, when Monica actually got down on her knees, and Chandler followed suit, that proposal absolutely won our hearts. We wept and smiled and danced, because Mondler just deserved to be together.
8.     When Rachel had Emma
rachel gives birth to emma

rachel gives birth to emma

Apart from RossÔÇÖs hilarious reaction to RachelÔÇÖs pregnancy, these two had an adventurous baby ride. And when little Emma was finally born after 47 hours of labour, it had us all in tears. Like Monica said, we were all happy that Ross and Rachel got drunk and had sex!
9.┬á┬á┬á┬á ÔÇ£I got off the plane!ÔÇØ
I got off the plane!

I got off the plane!

10 seasons. ThatÔÇÖs how long it took for Ross and Rachel to realise that they were indeed meant to be. After a decade of dating, break-up, a drunk marriage, a baby and several other crazy adventures later, when this couple was united in the very last episode of the show, the universe jumped and breathed a sigh of relief.
10.        The Last One
This episode. The last scene; when you look around and realise youÔÇÖre never going to see it all again: MonicaÔÇÖs apartment, The Coffee House, the fun, the laughter and most importantly, the friendships. But the beauty of this show is that just when you feel itÔÇÖs all over, you can always go back to the first page and start the journey all over again. ┬á
Yes, it broke our hearts to say goodbye to these 6 people whoÔÇÖd been a part of our lives for a whole decade. But we couldnÔÇÖt have asked for a more perfect finale. We couldnÔÇÖt have asked for a better show.
Friends forever

Friends forever

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