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Wimbledon’s top women upset

Looks like Wimbledon 2014 so far has managed to provide tennis lovers all around the globe a thrilling teaser fit for what looks like an interesting, captivating and edgy colossal blockbuster of a tournament so far.

Crowd favourites and top seed players have only managed to play a cameo in this magnum opus tennis championship. The women’s singles round has got off on a somber note with last year’s Wimbledon women’s champion from France Marion Bartoli deciding to hang up her tennis shoes for good and retiring. The tournament was looking like a great comeback for talented top seed players. But the storyline was great let down. Top seed women players like No.2 ranked Li Na from China and No.1 Serena Williams from mighty USA were the shocking and mind-boggling early exits from the tournament so far.

This major twist has definitely earned Russia’s gorgeous tennis player Maria Sharapova’s prowess a mention as she is still in the running for a meatier role as the favourite to win the tournament with her latest victory on the green turf. Talking about comebacks if Sharapova triumphs it will be a sweet taste of victory after 10 long years.

Coming to the hunks of the tennis tournament, poster boy from last year’s grand slam defending champion England’s Andy Murray is still going strong. Other strong contenders for the coveted trophy and still in the run to be a crowned winner are not far behind. Swiss tennis genius FedEx a.k.a. Roger Federer has managed to keep his hopes alive too. His nemesis Spain’s Rafael Nadal has had a smooth sailing so far in the tournament. Last year’s runner up Serbian tennis pro Novak Djokovic has managed to prove his talent without any major hiccups.

With the tournament heading into the fourth round it definitely looks like a plot to a crackling, intriguing and entertaining smashing hit. The build up so far has lived up to the expectations of some exceptional sportsmanship. Cheers to more entertainment in store.

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