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HR college Dandiya with the blind
HR college Dandiya with the blind

What is JoyFest – Why do it?

88% of youth want to contribute to society and help the underprivileged. 96% say they do not know how!

JOYFEST is a platform where the youth of India can come together and make a difference.

A national movement where students do acts of giving, and get together as one for the underprivileged.Colleges students, teachers, principals, and NGOs come together for a noble cause.

HR College in Mumbai celebrated a Joyfest playing dandiya with visually impaired children.

They say that ‘Humanity’ is inborn. You just need the right platform to practice it! Joyfest has successfully entered its fourth year. We feel proud in acknowledging the active participation of over 500,000 students from 273 colleges! If you too have a heart for giving then become a part of a unique youth movement.

Register your college now @ http://bit.ly/Joyfest_Register

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