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Usha Pravin Law College’s Vividh 15; Stuck in the Idiot Box

The most amazing VividhÔÇÖ15, with its uniquely fun theme of Stuck in the Idiot Box, hits your screens (figuratively) on the 31st January and goes on till 2nd February, 2015.

Vividh is known for its cool themes and last year was no different, because┬áthey took you for a Global Voyage. The three days were packed with fun events like “Fast and the Fictitious”; a literary treasure hunt of epic proportions, or “Kare-Ok-Please“, a karaoke event which was a crowd pleaser. We canÔÇÖt really list all the events, for obvious reasons, but participants and the work force brought the house down. The nights were equally entertaining because of Pro-nites featuring skilled and extremely talented bands;

Block-a-Bus and Rang, and a sure of sign of the celebration could be seen when the exhausted and zombie-like work force also found new energy.

SVKMÔÇÖs Pravin Gandhi College of Law. are all budding lawyers, and despite popular opinions, but weÔÇÖre actually the only law college to host a cultural festival. PGCL offers a five year law course and is┬á and allow┬ástudents to explore and satiate┬átheir curiosity.

Reasons to come to VividhÔÇÖ15.


1) Sunburn Pronite! : VividhÔÇÖ15 bring to you SunburnÔÇÖs talented artists, the Canadian duo and EDM

Superstars Dzeko and Torres! Their electric energy will capture every heart and make everyoneÔÇÖs body move to their musicÔÇÖs rhythm!


2) Awesome Events: These events will excite you to no end and thereÔÇÖs definitely something for everyone. Check it out!

– Masterchef Vividh: A fabulous and never-been-heard-of event which will allow you to exhibit your culinary skills. So, if youÔÇÖre one to be found in the kitchen, then you really canÔÇÖt miss this one.

– Whodunit?: A mansion mystery where someoneÔÇÖs a murderer, this is a life-size version of the game Cluedo. If sleuthing is your innermost passion, then youÔÇÖll easily make the correct deduction.

– Kronum: A triple threat, this is for those who arenÔÇÖt afraid to juggle different tasks in one go. A true athlete can handle much and doesnÔÇÖt easily scare, if youÔÇÖre one then accept this sporting dare.

– Mr. and Ms. Vividh: This event is not just a walk down the ramp but will also test your talent and personality. For people with the right attitude and style, this is one easy walk down the aisle.

The Man With The Plan: if you can give organisation and management tips to all your friends, then youÔÇÖre in the right place. If solutions and management is your forte, then donÔÇÖt waste another day.

– ÔÇÿDoÔÇÖ Strings Attached: Take duet dancing to another level and dance without losing touch with your partner. Keep contact and then if you can dance, this is your golden chance.

3) Workshops: VividhÔÇÖ15 allows you to win events and also win in life by offering some great workshops like Bartending, Belly Dancing, Nutrition, Love and Relationships and many more chances to make a change to your life!

So, there. How you can possibly resist this fest, is beyond us.

WeÔÇÖll just tell all the readers that weÔÇÖve worked hard and weÔÇÖve come to form strong bonds and memories, both good and a few not-so-good, but most of all, weÔÇÖve done most of this so you guys can have an equally good time. So come, and share this celebration with us and GET STUCK IN THE IDIOT BOX!

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