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Unofficial Prospectus ISB&M, Viman Nagar, Pune

A green campus with birds chirping around all the time? Nah!

A campus with different blocks for different courses? Nah!

Does our college even have a campus? Oh yes! It does. Ashoka Plaza. Almost 2 floors in a commercial building. We have different shops and offices all around us and a Domino’s in the same building. We have no such thing as a cafe or canteen of our own but around 3 cafes that sell us what we need at very high prices.

We have no such thing as a lover’s corner where you will find all the love birds spending their off class time nor do we have a sports ground but we surely have a sports room in which we can play table tennis and a fairly open space on the first floor to play badminton.

Even though we don’t have a typical college campus our campus life is probably more extravagant than anyone else’s. We’ve spent nights working on projects and cultural events on those 2 floors. We’ve had lectures in the late hours of the night. We have 24 hour guards who will let us in whenever. And no matter how confused we are as to where to go when we step into the college for the first time, ISB&M has its own way of captivating students.

As tiny as our college premises are, we are well equipped with all the facilities required and some of the best faculty, some who hardly know what they are too teach, some who know more than what they need to teach and most of them who teach in Hindi. In such a small place, we get everything. From the best of friends, to the perfect guy/girl (depending on your sexual orientation), to an amazing library, to our “very well equipped” sports room, to very motivating and inspiring mentors and all the needed support and facilities.

All in all this college brings a lot in a very small package.

– Henna Jaisinghani

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