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unofficial-prospectus-archives – PACE Junior college Nerul, Navi Mumbai

unofficial-prospectus-archives – PACE Junior college Nerul, Navi Mumbai

PACE Junior Science College is a hybrid college, which offers IIT coaching and a junior college, especially for people who are preparing for engineering entrances. The basic idea is to reduce the stress and travelling time of students commuting from the college to coaching classes and back.

Campus: First floor, Amrita Sadan building, Opp. Nerul railway station. The coaching class and the college share the 5-6 classrooms.

Courses: What does the name tell you? Only Science, at junior college level.

Food: There’s Hangout, a sweet-cum-chat shop below, and a dingy little restaurant called Mejwani. In Nerul station, which is just opposite, there’s a variety of dishes you can sample. And if you have a sweet tooth, there’s also Monginis, though most people prefer to bring tiffins from home.

Hangouts: None as such. You can see people hanging around the paan-ki-tapri and the station. If you’re willing to travel a bit, you can go to the numerous malls in Vashi. If you’re in the mood for adventure, you could even go to Parsik Hill or Kharghar Hills.

Crowd: Pretty sad. Most of them are nerds, and can’t get their heads out of their books. That said, you will also meet a lot of fun-loving and interesting people. And girls? Which species is that?

Faculty: Pretty good. Most of them are helpful and are more than eager to guide you. The princi is very understanding and friendly. Though many of the teachers cannot speak English to save their lives, they know their subjects pretty well.

Infrastructure: The labs are well-equipped and all classrooms are air-conditioned. The overall ‘campus’ is very cramped.

Fests: There’s an annual college fest held usually in January end for all the PACE Junior Colleges across Mumbai called the EOS Junior College Festival.

Final Verdict: You have to be an extreme padhaku to survive here! If your idea of enjoyment is solving numericals, welcome to PACE!