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unofficial-prospectus-archives – Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, Andheri (West)

A.K.A: Bhavans College

Location: This sprawling campus located in Andheri (West) is quite accessible from the railway station but please think twice before you embark on this journey! Ideally, one is supposed to reach the college from station in 15 minutes flat but now thanks to the on-going metro railway construction you shall finally reach your destination in approximately half an hour to 40 minutes if you are lucky.

On most occasions it so happens that you abandon whichever vehicle you are in and start grudgingly walking, running, skipping to the college in the hope to reach your lecture/exam on time.

Campus: The campus is huge and when I say huge, I mean there are 11 gates to this campus. There is S.P.College of Engineering, S P Jain College of Management, Bhavans: Junior and Degree College and Wadia School! And yeah not to forget their respective hostels and canteens.

You can go on exploring this place and get lost every time. Well some things about this campus will never change, for example couple cooing over each other over the lake side (Yes ,this campus has a lake too) and the watchman running behind them with a long laathi! It has been going for so long that I think Bhavans is identified by this phenomenon.

Normally the BMM lectures take place in a nondescript, away from the world place called Palanji Sadan but ours was the only batch who shifted to three different buildings in three years (Palanji Sadan,classroom fashioned out of an engineering class workshop and a class in Chem Building!)

After you have spent considerable amount of time in the campus, you get a feel that it would have looked more beautiful and picturesque if it were maintained properly.

Faculty: Well barring a few ,the faculty is not all that great .Most of them are a quiet, boring and disinterested lot who treat teaching just as a mercenary profession .As far as the BMM is concerned, lot of co coordinators and professors keep changing and you are lucky if you have regular lectures in your first year! Well but who is complaining
for you can always go to catch up a movie after a cancelled lecture!

Babus et al
The babus or peons here enjoy the phenomenal importance. You want an access to principal or the dreaded vice principal, all you have to do is patao a babu and samjo ki kam ho gaya There was a certain Manu Bhai who used to run this one man show from getting the projectors fixed for the presentations to looking into other chota mota stuff. Only a girl had to coo,

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