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U Know Ur In

We pick on BVP Pune…

You know you are in Bharati Vidyapeeth COE CBD Belapur when…

1) The ONLY reason you took admission there is due to the fact that the college’s Pune counterpart has a reputation of being one of the best around. You realize only two days later that there is a very good reason why the college hasn’t got even an iota of the reputation of the Pune counterpart

2) The number of people seen outside the campus and near Kharghar station would put any cult meeting to shame

3) The landmark to the campus is the chai cum cigarette tapri outside the gate, whose daily income would put the best qualified professionals to shame.

4) There are two watchmen stationed at the gate who serve as excellent decoration for the campus.You can enter and exit when you wish, whether you are a student or not.You can even park a M1A1 Abrams tank inside without the “watchmen” giving a shit.

5) The only person to demand the Identity card is the fellow in the workshop, who issues tools keeping the card as “security”.

6) A run down concrete shed attached to one of the college walls passes off as the “canteen” which serves edible but insect infested food (Me and my pals counted 5 cockroach ‘parts’ in our food till date, one was lucky enough to get a full roach too).

8) The crowd in the architecture and dental sections are mostly bade baap ke bigde aulaads, I once saw a Mercedes parked in front of the dental building.

9) The college building is a rectangular structure with a surprisingly well maintained lawn in between, on which walking is a punishable offense.

10) The females are mostly the “Mee sati savitri ” type and consider the F word as a “bad” word. And yes, not to mention the fact that their english vocabulary is limited to ‘Hiii, how r u’ and related terms in SMS lingo.

12) Linkin Park and Beete Lamhe are anthems within the campus. Metal is defined as ‘’Laamb kes gheun kahitari ingliss madhye badbadto’.

13) Wearing a FCUK TShirt will result in withholding of your journal submissions due to its “inappropriate” content. A true story, not joking.

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