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U Know U Are In …

Smt. Kashibai College of Engineering, Pune when

1. Students of other colleges pity you for your hardcore 9-5 college timings.

2. You find your teachers accessing Orkut through proxy servers.

3. Your parents are being called for no concrete reason by the princi every other day.

4. You are provided with college stationary with the title “SKNCoE for Girls”

5. Practicals are meant for theory lectures and theory lectures are meant for nothing.

6. You pay the highest fees annually among the engg. colleges in the town and people still ask you about your college whereabouts!

7. A final year student on being given a chance to quit the college readily agrees.

8. You find every so-called ‘’chick’ of college dating someone lesser than her age.

9. You are scolded more by the peons then the faculty members.

10. A single college building has an independent mass communication college in its basement along with a central library, meant for 22 institutes present in the campus.

11. The attendance expected from every student is 95%.

12. College id cards are used only for free refreshments during College fests.

13. A majority of the college public survives on vada pao for breakfast, vada pao for lunch and vada pao for dinner, courtesy Anna Canteen.

14. Notice boards and bench desks are turned into graffiti art.

15. Most of the students peek into the girls hostel through the windows during lectures.

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