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A vampire’s kiss may not be such a bad thing after all!

Goodbye Buffy! We don’t need vampire slayers anymore. Especially if the vampires are anything like the ones portrayed in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight. Already, millions of teenage girls across the globe are swooning over the characters in the novel. After its record breaking international success Twilight is fast catching up with the Indian audience. Equally popular are its sequels New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. And why shouldn’t they be so? I can most certainly vouch for the fact that the book is purely addictive.

Forbidden love has always been universally appealing, to people of all age groups. Add to that an action packed vampire story and you’re sure to get an exciting mix of romance and drama – the purrfect recipe for any hit teenage book. So what’s the plot? Bella Swan moves to Sleepy Forks, a small town near Seattle, all prepared to lead an intensely boring existence but ends up getting fiercely attracted and later falling violently in love with Adonis-like Edward Cullen. Bella can’t understand why she is so attracted to him and why Edward is so repulsed by her. Soon they both are drawn to each other and that’s when Bella discovers Edward’s forbidding secret. Edward Cullen is actually a vampire, that too a moral ‘vegetarian’ one. Which means he abstains from human blood and makes do with animal blood. As a result, he’ll always be a potential threat to Bella’s life in case he loses control of his natural instincts. Instead of being revolted by it, Bella plunges even deeper into the relationship. But it’s not easy dating a vampire and soon she has even more on her plate than she had bargained for. What it leads to is an adrenalin packed drama which has you hooked till the very end

Touted to be the next JK Rowling, Stephenie gives her readers a truly compelling romance, which may not be the best piece of literature; however it does succeed in instantaneously drawing more and more readers to it. Surprisingly, the Cullens blood sucking habits don’t gross you out and all their extraordinary traits seem very ordinary. If you’ve still not been taken over by the Twilight phenomenon, check out all the novels in the saga. And for all you hardcore fans, there’s also a movie! Dive into this world of fantasy, without being too cynical and you’re sure to enjoy the books!

– Aditi

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