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Try These!

Alright, it is rather well known that kinder members of the female species love custom gifts or some creativity behind the gift. And they don’t need to cost a bomb which can be a very good excuse when the economy goes for a toss. Here are a few websites that will help you add that personal touch to your gifts.

This is one crazy website with a load of insane gifts. Ever heard of a morse code necklaces and beehive candles? Neither did we. Dig deep into the website and we are sure you’ll find something interesting.

How cool would it be if shoes could be customized at costs that would not be the moon? Head to this website to add your own touch to every single aspect of your shoe from the midsole to the laces. Most of the shoes feature nike+ integration and the option to engrave your own text. The sad part is that this is not available in India. Enter the US section of the website and ask your favourite uncle/aunty to get it for you.

Not everyone can match the skills of our in house poem machine, Mr Paras Sharma. George Bush tried, but quite obviously failed. So we recommend LovePoetry.com to add some letters and tonnes of feel to your gift. Your girls gonna sob one full day saying “He actually wrote a poem for me.” *waaail* Being a JAM reader, we expect you to add your own twist to the poem, or else, Google will spill the beans.

If you don’t want to beat your brains out figuring what gift to give, head straight to KodakExpress.com. You can create a neat photobook or put your picture on a mug, t-shirt and the like. You can also get nice photo frames and scrapbooks done from Kodak. Katrina Kaif’s their ambassador, so ask them if they’ll bundle in a free life size poster of her.

Apart from the regular coffee mug, t-shirt drill, Myntra has an extensive list of products and most of them are customizable. The list includes watches, jigsaw puzzles, calenders, soft-toys, mouse pads, plates and few more.

– Satish S

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