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Top 5 phablets to try this year.

Phablets are the cross between phones and tablets. It’s as good as having a tab but with a call function so you don’t have to travel everywhere with two devices and get confused. Now phablets are available at all sorts of prices and from various companies but the first bit of advice I give for every new electronic device is- do NOT buy unbranded/ cheap brands. Think long term, the cost will be worth it when your phone won’t need charging every few hours and it won’t slow down to an extent that you’ll want to hurl it out of your window.


The top 5 tablets here have been selected over many price ranges.

1. Galaxy note 4

Personally I feel that every person should once in their life use a note. It’s big, wide- screened with amazing resolution and colours and the apps specially designed for notes are hours of endless fun.┬á At 5.7inches it is packed with gorilla glass, android Kitkat, 3 GB RAM (wow), 16MP primary camera, 3.7MP secondary camera. And it’s easy to use with the S pen and the multi window feature is not available with any other company.

PRICE 54,000


2. HTC desire 816

Although HTC seems a little lost in the array of Samsung and iphones and other companies, do not underestimate this piece- not only does it have a 13MP primary camera but also a 5MP secondary camera for you selfie lovers! 5.5 inch widescreen, 1.3Ghz processor so it’s fast, and upgradable to the latest android. HTC devices are good quality and their battery lives are longer lasting as compared to other phones.

PRICE 17,000


3. Nokia Lumia 1520

Nokia is one of the most trusted companies and their phones are very durable. But yu may want to use it and see first because a windows OS is not everyone’s cup of tea. 6 inch LCD screen, 20MP camera (woohoo!) windows 8 and Qualccom Snapgragon processor, this is compatible with your windows laptops too. It comes complete with the Microsoft office 365 and special Lumia apps like Lumia Selfie, Lumia creative studio, etc.

PRICE 37,000


4.  Google nexus 6

The Nexus family is a good deal and you know it. It is not very expensive and the functions that come with it are worth the money. 13MP camera, 6 inch AMOLED screen, 3 GB RAM, and android lollipop, this phabet comes loaded. It’s the latest everything- android, features and apps. Launched by the suddenly mighty again Motorolla, this has got be a good one.

PRICE 48,000


5. Sony T2 edge

Sony has revived with it’s all new range of fabulous phablets for those who don’t need a rocket or an office inside their phone- us normal people. 13 MP Primary Camera, 6-inchscreen, android jellybean and dual core processor, this phone is enough for all the things you need everyday. Plus all the essential android apps are available with it and the screen colours are fantastic, the size of the phablet makes it handy and convenient.

PRICE 20,000

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