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Top 5 Himesh Songs

And just when you would have thought that you wouldn’t ever have to listen to that nasal twang again, Himesh Reshammiya is back, with a bang, with the soundtracks of Khiladi 786. The fight between the Himesh Fan Club and the Himesh hate club goes on. If you don’t currently belong to any of the camps, we list the ‘best’ songs from the Himesh camps, that will help you choose sides !

1. Tera pyaar pyaar pyaar hookah bar: Only for the Himeshbhai can the pyaar be a hookah bar. So he is a gujju and single despite being nearly 50! But the song is bound to be a hit not only at the hookah bars (which are banned in Gujarat) but also at the new year eve parties.

2. Mango: This song comes from the movie Damadamm which nobody knows when it was released and when it flew away! This song though stuck on for a long, long time. And the lyrics – Jab tum jaati ho I miss you baby like mango…oh…mango…Why don’t maaza and slice take this one up?

3. Chalao na naino se baan re: The song would have played at every pandal this year and it has been hugely said that it is full of those constipated sounds in the background, with very awkward and strange lyrics

4. Aashiq Banaya Apne: We have no idea where Tanushree Datta is these days but this song from the Himesh camp in the movie aashiq banaya apne, has Tanushree and Emran Haashmi with Hashmi doing what he does best. The song was a super-duper hit as was the whole music of the film.

5. Jhalak Dikhla Ja: This song again with Emraan Hashmi, along with Udita Goswami, the one with those small and beautiful eyes, was a chartbuster. It is also known to invoke supernatural responses near a cemetery in a village in Gujarat. So if the ghosts love it, the humans are bound to love it.

– Bhavi Mayur Patel

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