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To Join or not to join

The dreaded R-word has come back to haunt us once again. Graduates of the 2009 batch must be cursing their luck. We couldn’t have had a worse time to graduate. The current situation is such that more than half of the batch is sitting at home waiting for the ever elusive date-of-joining letter from the companies. The companies on the other hand have chosen to remain silent on the whole matter.

Says Prathamesh from VNIT Nagpur, “If they would have sent us reject letters, I would have moved on and looked at other jobs. But this deferment has put me in a dilemma.” Students now feel that the best way is to keep looking for alternate jobs. A few of the main culprits from the IT industry include TCS, Accenture, Wipro and Infosys, the so called big 4 of the IT industry. Wipro has mainly chosen to remain incommunicado with no response to emails whatsoever. Accenture has delayed the joining letters but have not yet given a clear date. The same situation has prevailed in the local colleges of Mumbai, Chennai, Pune and Bangalore with delays being handed out left, right and centre. Even Microsoft, who are normally punctual when it comes to new recruits, has yet to offer any communication to the recruits of 2009. Jagdeesh, from Chennai, says some joining letters are scheduled for December or even next year. These include Honeywell, Satyam, Cognizant, L &T Infotech, besides the earlier ones.

The core engineering companies, supposedly, the safer options, have also disappointed. Cummins, UHDE and Alstom have delayed their joining indefinitely. Siemens and GM have canceled their appointments in IIT Bombay. Schlumberger has also delayed the joining in IIT Guwahati.

Only the PSUs have honoured their commitments and sent proper joining dates. Companies like NTPC, BHEL, and BSNL are still recruiting through all India tests. As a result, there is a huge influx of students from IITs and NITs into the same PSUs, which they had earlier ignored completely in order to join MNCs.

Some students have now gotten over the shock. The recession has also made the students more aware about PG course. Atulya from Kolkata, a 3rd year engineering student, feels that the current situation can be best utilized to add an extra degree to the resume and get some more qualifications.
Others, however, have chosen to enjoy the unexpected break and chill out at home.

Students Speak
Hiranmay Koparkar: In a time where people are being shown pink slips, offer letters being delayed is inevitable. For the youth, finished with their Bachelors, and hoping to take up a job, this is no doubt a cause of worry, but we should call ourselves lucky to be in India as India is by far the least affected by the Global Recession.

There’s is no point in blaming anyone, especially the company, as they too do not have a choice! Practically, factually there is nothing we can do but search for other job options during the wait period and hope for a lucky break

Saurav Mishra: I gave up the opportunities to sit for PSUs who have good pay packages but where learning is said to stagnate soon. Now, when we have placed our faith in L&T, shouldn’t they reciprocate? I emphasize that they have recklessly recruited, and now are pondering if they shouldn’t use their available resources to the maximum which may save them some money for now

Pranav Karhade: Since we were placed in July when recession was unknown, companies offered jobs as per normal conditions. You can’t blame them now, because all markets are linked to the US in some way shape or form. So new projects are hard to get.

-Saurabh Datar

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