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Thomas Bapista Junior College, Mumbai

Also known as: Thomas Baptista High School because of the strict rules one has to follow.

The location: 4km from Vasai station at Papady

How to get there: Come at your own risk! If you’re really brave you can get into a ST bus (they’re more crowded than a train during roush hour) and if you’re really lucky, you can safely get out of the bus. Altenatively, take an auto.

The campus: Spread over two acres of land where you will find a canteen, a lab, an auditorium (which looks more like a horror movie set), a gymkhana (which students aren’t allowed to use) and a scary toilet (no one has ever come out alive after going there).

The crowd: Mostly Maharashtrian – don’t even dare to talk with them in English. Gals here look more like Jassi and guys all want to be like Shaktiman. There are also a few metalheads who scare the Jassis with their awful dressing.

The canteen: makes easy money because the students aren’t allowed to go out during the recess. Thus we have no choice but to stomach the vada pav and other horrifying stuff served here.

The hangout: Fort and Suruchi beach but hardly anyone gets to go coz the vice-principal and the peons are already waiting there to catch students who come by.

The faculty: The very experienced and excellent profs are the only good thing about the college. But the new principal is a real pain – he’s banned low waist jeans and sleevless tops. H

Fest: There isn’t one. The only fun thing was the socials, now banned thanks to our new principal.

The results: Above all, the one thing that has to be appreciated is that year after year, the college consistently produces good results.

– Thunder

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