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Thin- not always in!

Isha Thakore asked God to make her thin but regrets her wish coming true!

Yes, dreams do come true, and in my case they turn into nightmares too. Okay, let’s not generalise. I’m sure I’d never repent meeting Abhishek Bachchan or swimming in a chocolate-shake pool or something nice like that.

But here’s one dream that surely did backfire. Last January I “OH GOD! PLEASE MAKE ME THIN” . And God heard my plea.

One minute I was dancing away, all of 57 kgs, huge arms and all, at a friend’s birthday party. Next I know is that I m down with chicken pox. Then I wake up from my month long hibernation to say, and lo and behold- I weigh 8 kgs less. I know, I know most would say lucky gal!

I felt so too, for a couple of months that is. Who would not? I too, have been through those tragic diets and I know how desperately we all want them to work. Now, all of a sudden, to be able to fit into small and even extra small at all my favourite clothes stores! It felt just so- on top of the world! Till I realized that I’m just too thin.

No kidding, I was being blown away by the wind at Chowpatty. I often wonder which part of the world I would be in right now if it hadn’t been for the big, fat books I was carrying. Heaven I guess?!?!

It’s then I realized that everyone is right- I really am too thin. They’re not saying it coz they’re jealous. Now I had WORK to do.

I removed all the articles from my board which say 20 and 50 sure shot ways to get thin. Ever since, I have been replacing them with ones which say- vanilla ice cream with butterscotch sauce and caramel and hazelnuts and choco chips and- peanuts?? A thousand calories.

But to no avail… yet. Never knew gaining weight could be difficult too. If one of you’ll decide to try asking God too, then I suggest you replace the word thin with PERFECT. I think that’s the way to be. Ok, let me try…

OH GOD! PLEASE GIVE ME PERFECT SKIN. Not too fair, not too dark, not too shiny, not too dull, not too smooth, not too rough. Just perfect!!


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