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The Tech-‘No-Logical Disease’

Technology was created to help mankind. Starting from the simple wheel that was invented for mankind’s desperate need for transportation, to the awesome Super Computers that were invented to calculate super complicated algorithms like ‘how much money did A.Raja make in the scams?’

Technology has changed our lives in many ways. Like now, you can stalk your crush from a distance through 12x optical zoom camera, or you can run away from cops faster and farther on more fuel efficient rides, or you can call people who are far away from you using cell phones—I guess that’s sort of cool too. But it’s definitely not as cool as using the video recording feature on your cell while taking an ‘evening walk’ from Bandstand (*winks).

But now it seems to me as if the same helpful hand has turned around and has started choking us!

I call it ‘Technological Advances’ (TCnoADvn for short), and most of our generation has fallen ill to this rapidly spreading disease, its incurable and in fashion.

So be careful, it might already be affecting you. The effects of this disease are varied, ranging from severe addiction, depression, loneliness, and stupidity —to not being able to get a girlfriend!

This virus has spread everywhere nowadays. You go in any crowded place, all you’ll see is teenagers’ either texting, chatting, on calls, or pretending to have a Smartphone so they don’t have to start a conversation with—another living human being!

Social sites have gone up, while socializing has gone down. In game achievements are being unlocked while in life achievements are completely ignored. The Master of the Guitar app in your IPhones, whereas in real life you don’t even pluck the string of your underwear.

We are slowly but surely evolving into a hopeless generation, mentally deranged by overuse of technology. In due course of time perhaps the Wachowski Bros will get to say “We told you so!” to our faces as Sentinels or Androids (pun intended) take our homes apart. And then we won’t be able to fight back since all of us would either be looking like Adnan Sami or Dolly Bindra due to inactivity for so many years. And when our World is finally taken over by machines, all you’ll ever hear on the radio and television is Dubstep music!

But as a knight in recently polished shining armor, I refuse to let our generation fall in the hands of these machines without a fight! Stand with me my followers, we will unite and drive away this tech monster that surrounds us and threatens our future generations. Take a vow with me, we will not let robots enslave us, put us in pods and feed us gross stuff, we will not use any machines unless it’s absolutely necessary, and we will not copy our last semester assignments from the Internet!

Okay, so I’m kidding about the assignments.

But otherwise I’m very serious! Stop being stuck on useless gadgets when there is so much to do in the outside world, meet new people outside of Facebook, explore new roads without using GPS, talk to old friends without a mobile, and learn music without the need of applications.

Think over what I’ve said guys.

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