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The lost art of gifting flowers

“She wore flowers in her hair and carried magic secrets in her eyes. She spoke to no one but still said more than most others. She spent hours on the riverbank. She smoked cigarettes and had┬ámidnight swims.”

It’s still existent in movies and tv serials and maybe some books. But the art of gifting flowers to someone is actually getting lost in the array of chocolates, clothes and perfumes. I know that every girl at all stages of her life- daughter, sister, girlfriend, wife, mother and about a hundred more roles that she plays, secretly wishes she recieve flowers.

Lately people brag about how big their presents were, and how expensive their bracelet is or the dress was so pretty and the heels were just right- what happened to the beautiful fresh fragrant gift that would guarantee that pink blush and whispered ‘I love you’s ?

There is actually a deep meaning in gifting someone a flower. Flowers are the perfect replica of human life- planting, growth, bloom and withering. Gifting someone a flower is gifting them a life, to spread beauty in their lives, and with that, fragrance, glow and care. And there is a flower that depucts every situation- Acacia and white roses for elegance and friendship, Apple Blossoms for promise, White Carnations for good luck, Chrysanthemums for love and trust. If someone is sick, send them blue Irises, instead of a “thankyou” note, express your gratitude with Lillies, and Sunflowers when you’re sorry.

The language of flowers is the language of love and when words escape, flowers speak. It’s niether too much nor too less, they’re just perfect.

As a gift, you can gift a huge bouquet or a few single flowers tied with a bow and a sweet message. You can also make beautiful floral tiaras or the classic single rose/lily to tell exactly what you want without all the extravagance. No matter how big yoor wallet or small your pocket, flowers fall in everyone’s budget and last forever in your love’s favourite novel.

Ofcourse, adding a piece of jewellary with it would also be appreciated. 😛

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