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The IIT Kharagpur brings to you a one of its kind space festival

Taking up engineering has become the most conventional approach to life for students in our country. But, there is an unconventional side to it which is unexplored yet. Unconventional and superbly exciting – space engineering!

Building a pen that can work without gravity, protecting a spaceship from the extreme friction and heat that it faces during re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere, designing a suit that prevents the blood of astronauts from boiling in outer space, forcing a square peg in a round hole literally (you’ll understand this if you have watched Apollo 13), these are the challenges that engineers and scientists have faced over the years and risen to brilliantly. They have left us a legacy, one that they expect us to continue. Wouldn’t it be great to be a part of it?

National Students’ Space Challenge (NSSC) is a sincere effort from our side to expose the Indian student community to the wonders of space science and engineering. This is a platform where we want your imagination to go haywire and innovate as you have never done before. As Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge”.

Discover the fascination.

If you’ve been fascinated by space since always, this your chance to feel the possibilities of space-exploration. Spend three days at the premier technical institution of the country with the industry professionals in the field of space-technology. And take away the glories of winning the first ever national-level competition of its kind.

Build. Innovate. Achieve.

The competitions at NSSC 2012 have been carefully crafted to bring out the space-scientist in students. Build the next generation lunar rover or a water-rocket; design a lunar research facility or an underwater rover – what ever you do, its your chance to achieve glory in the first ever national level space competition organized in India. And you could win the prizes worth Rs. 2,50,000! Set the power of your imagination free – and let the challenge begin.

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