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The day I was speechless

Swatimala Basu met Abhishek Bachchan and… this is what happened!

It all started with a TV ad:”Guess who’s the Motostar”. I normally wouldn’t have cared to answer, but I don’t know why that particular day I chose to (from my mom’s cell as my own balance was low. Who spends their own cash while moms are there?).

And what do you know…

My sems had started and the day before the Basic Electronics paper, my mom got a call saying she had won a chance to meet Abhishek Bachchan. She was obviously shocked and confused (you see i didn’t tell her about the sms as she would flip).

She came home pretty angry muttering about some call and asked me to ring back. I did and got the news of my life. I was meeting Abhishek Bachchan 4 days later – on 3rd June!!! The details of the meeting, like the venue and the time would be sent to me later.

What followed was a round of convincing the parents. They agreed, provided “my studies wouldn’t be affected”. Like that was a possibility for any 18 year old who knew she was meeting AB jr.

Then followed a sequence of phone calls with me incoherently shrieking into the phone… “I am meeting Abhishek Bachchan!!! “. All my friends were happy for me, jealous of me. Some of then on getting my phone shrieked back Wow!!! Others thought I was joking.

Some asked me whether it was really Abhishek Bachchan and not Abhishek Bachao of Ghoom fame, while the geeks, they told me to concentrate on the next day’s paper, like that was a possibility now.

All of you who I didn’ t call it’s because my mom after 15 phonecalls asked me to choose between the phone and Abhishek.

The four days that followed were a series of me logging in to the net, at least five times daily for the mail citing the details of the meeting but in vain. Also I used to break into smiles in crowded buses, trains and in difficult exams, I must have convinced many people of my madness.

The e-mail finally came on Friday. The meeting was at J.W. Marriott at 6:30 pm on Saturday. I, along with fifty other winners was meeting Ab jr.So the day before the Mechanics paper I went shopping for something good to wear. Yeah, I really am insane. As you must have already realised my Mech paper did not go too well.

My excitement mounted as I went from college to a friend s house in the afternoon to J.W in the evening. I reached Marriott at 6. They asked us to wait in the lobby. At 6:45 we were ushered to some Indus room. I went and sat right in the front. Only a table would separate us. Fifteen minutes later, Abhishek entered saying,” Hello everyone”.

My heart rate rushed to 150 beats per minute. He was so so so hot. He wore a white shirt, blue jeans and a black jacket with a denim collar. People ask me about his shoes. I was busy staring at his face people , no time for his shoes.

I got a chance to meet him second, after some hot chick. I wasn’t even mentally prepared. I had thought I would tell him i was a huge fan of his and iI had come despite my exams to meet him, but all I could do was gape at him with my mouth open.

All I managed to say was,”It’s a pleasure to meet you!” and shake his hand. He said,”Same here”, (ya sure, like he meant that).

I asked him,”May I have your autograph?” “Sure”, he said while I gaped even more.(Never before in my life was an occasion where I was speechless. I don’t t think there will be another).

Then it was photo time. When he put his hand on my back, I wanted to scream. After this I stood at a corner and took his photos whenever possible. When he hugged a girl whose birthday it was all girls went “No!” and stuff like “It’s my birthday too”. One actually just kissed him and ran away, inviting another shriek.

Other girls told him stupid stuff like he bites his nails to which he replied he doesn’t and some girl saying he is not that bad looking as he is on TV, to which he said “Thank you”, very sweetly. My friend Aishwarya who had accompanied me asked me then to stand next to him as she wanted to get a photo of us together.

He stared at me suspiciously but didn’t say anything. This was followed by a press conference and dinner in which he didn’t dine with us but the food was great. There was chicken, fish, mutton, pasta, Thai food!, kulfis, jalebis, gulag jamuns, 7-8 types of cakes etc. I actually threw cake away. (it was my fifth piece). It was a great end to a great evening.

The after effects are people keep rubbing my back where he touched me. I don’t know why. Maybe they think they will get his DNA or something. I washed it people and I washed my hands too as I had to eat the delicious food!!!

Swatimala Basu is an Electronics and communication engineering student at UMIT SNDT, Mumbai

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