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Teacher – Sadist or Guru

On the eve of Teachers’ Day we bring you a special series in JAM Says.

Guru Gobind Dao Kadhe

Kake lagu paye

Balihari Guru aapne Jin

Gobind Diyo Bataye

This doha by Kabir Das illustrates the importance of a guru, a teacher in our lives. No matter, how old or wise we grow, we always look for our teachers for inspiration and guidance. Our guru is our soul – guide. His words are the last, and we are eternally grateful to them for wisdom they bestow upon us.

Yet they rebuke us, put us through hardships and push us to the extremes. Not because they are sadists or have an urge to showcase their superiority. Is it their duty? Yes, it is. Do they derive pleasure from giving children punishment? I certainly don’t think so. It’s a part of our learning process to build our character.

3 children fell down in the river while running away from their teachers punishment. The message that it sends us just before teachers day shows how drastically the teacher – student relationship has changed. There has been a paradigm shift, and the change hasn’t been that good.

How are we, students, interpreting this punishment ?

After this tragedy most students in the school may not agree at all. Are the teachers being just overzealous in doing their job? And children are not going to be the same children that they were a decade ago. Most of us today have probably never experienced this extreme punishment, so we are not ready to accept it.

A teacher is supposed to prepare us for the “Big Bad World”. But how far do we believe that extreme punishment┬áis the way to prepare us for just that?

Like a coin, this situation has two sides. One side, there are teachers who are open and friendly with their students in the classroom. Their focus is not on punishing the students, but putting them in real life difficult situations. This the positive side of the coin.

On the other hand, there are the orthodox types who are desperate to  assert their authority. They would rather not spare the rod, and spoil the child.  There is a lot of negativity in this situation.

This teacher’s day, let’s think about how we would like to define our relationship with our mentors. There’s more to life than doubting the intentions for those who groom and bring us up.

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