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Taken 3; Review

Taken 3 is a sequel of the Taken movies, which are very popular among action lovers. But this movie is not up to the standard of the previous movies at all.

The story revolves around the central character, Bryan himself. He is framed for the murder of his ex wife (what?!) and the plot is set as he tries to clear his name and find the real killer. But this movie just lacks the charm of the previous movies. His daughter just looks palsy and sad all the time, Bryan just looks old and the action is old old and old.

Forest Whitaker appears as the smarter than average detective but honestly, you as a viewer can figure out the plot in the first 10 minutes of the movie including the twist. The dialogues are standard, and for someone who hasn’t watched the previous movies, it’s your regular action movie so you may like it. But for the followers and fans, it is a bit of a disappointment.

You can go for other movies like unprecedented, my advice stands on not preferring this one.

My rating- 1.5/5

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