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Ah…Valentine’s day

A lovely celebration of amour. This worldwide festival of love was decided to be named in the fond memory of St. Valentines, mostly because it sounded more appropriate than ‘Love-day’. During college years, you are super hyped for the incoming Valentines. It’s like having 31st Dec in the middle of February, where instead of normal resolutions like losing weight, studying, ...

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Sleepless in Love

Yes I know it’s Valentine’s Day. But lately, I’ve been experiencing sleepless nights. Yes, I’ve become a self-confessed insomniac. Every night, I retire to my bed at a decent hour, hopeful that sleep will come to me and take me under its spell. But sleep is cruel; it evades me night after night. As I toss and turn in my ...

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I  heard the door bell. The kaamwali bai worked as an alarm clock for me for the past 2 years. I looked around. He slept peacefully. I gave him a peck and got up to welcome the bai. We were on the breakfast table. I buttered the bread for him. He hid behind the paper. I had kept the gift ...

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Chocolate is the flavour of the month

Ah….14th of Feb. The day that we celebrate love, crushes, feelings, and the exponential sale of the I-pill. To people who did not understand the joke from the last line, please go watch Pogo. But Valentine’s Day is a beautiful occasion; there are lots of desperate girls prior to the V-day looking around for relationships. So, even if you look ...

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Valentine Special

Maine pyaar tujhi si kiya hai Maine dil bhi tujhi ko diya hai Kya karoo, market mein aur koi choice hi nahi thi Pehla pehla pyaar hai Pehli pehli baar hai Kuch dino ki hi baat hai Phir doosri line mein hai na! Hum pyaar karne wale Panduoan se naa darna wale Panduoan se naa darna wale Pyaar karne waale ...

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Valentine Movies

After the success of Veer Zaara, Flush Chopra, the guru of romantic movies, has decided to launch 3 more love stories. However – this time he has decided to stay away from his favourites like Bahrukh Khan and Pani Mukerji and experiment with different casts. The movies will star celebrities who hate each other in real life. Chopra says it ...

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