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Top 10 Underrated shows you must give a try

Summer vacations are here and what’s a better time to start binge-watching TV series to while away your time? Here are 10 underrated series you should watch if you haven’t already. 1. Humour A) Brooklyn nine-nine (Netflix) This is set in the backdrop of a police station, specifically the 99th precinct. A group of eccentric detectives with the help of ...

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Movie Review – Baywatch 

 Plot  A bunch of veteran Lifeguards at Emerald Bay beach are conducting tryouts for new recruits into the squad where 3 are shortlisted as trainees. There is a fishy drug racket and a trail of murders going on in the beach which are always made to look like accidents. The Lifeguards investigate the trouble makers on their beach. What’s Good  ...

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