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10 Tips to take care of your skin in the monsoons

The much monsoons are here┬áto stay. Amidst the pitter-patter of rain drops, while our parched senses are getting enlivened by the ÔÇÿsondhi khushbuÔÇÖ of wet earth, nature is once again colouring our lives with its greenery. However, while our minds are getting refreshed after every shower we are still complaining about the sticky humid┬áair, the leaking roofs, the buzzing insects, ...

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10 things you shouldn’t say to people with acne

Deep in my heart, I had always naively believed that on turning 18 and officially being an adult (even though technically I’m still in my “teens”), all my acne problems would magically disappear and puberty would finally fulfill its promise of making me attractive. However, the skin on my face (resembling the roads in my neighborhood) that confronts me every ...

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Self harm or self injury.

Self-harming is something which is increasing among youth every day. People do harm themselves, maybe due to the reason of depression but by many ways like cutting, a common thing among the youth, banging head on wall, pulling finger’s nails, burning skin with cigarettes, having highly injurious drugs like marijuana, hampering the healing of any wound, scratching skin etc., and ...

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