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Jobs and scope in food technology.

Chocolates, ice cream, pizza, noodles, samosas, dosas, juices and colas all are products of the Indian food industry. It’s not just restaurant chefs, but also the food technologists who run this industry. Food is a science. In fact a highly developed one, that is based on the fundamentals of biochemistry, physical sciences, chemistry and engineering. Technologists help to make the ...

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Gimme Some-osa!

JAM goes out in hunt of the good, and the plain ugly versions of the Classic Canteen samosa. The pyramid shaped gastronomical delight is the staple diet of many a college student. And an instant cure to boredom from a pakau lecture. But not all canteen samosas are created equal. Some are more equal than others Siddharth from KITS, Bhubaneshwar ...

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