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Movie Review : Qarib Qarib Single

Plot  Jaya and Yogi set out on a short journey to retrace past relationships and end up in the most eventful, strange, crazy trip of their lives. This short journey through Rishikesh, Bikaner and Gangtok with the ups and downs, the missed trains and taxi rides, the heartbreak and the mending of old friendships, the quarrels and self-discovery, sweeps Jaya ...

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Keeping the spark alive in a long-distance relationship

Finding that special someone and falling deeply and madly in love with them is a truly warm and fuzzy feeling we all love to experience. And just when everything seems so surreal and blissful, distance plays a dampener in oneÔÇÖs relationship. The idea of thinking about a long-distance relationship requires some solid commitment, trust and love for each other. With ...

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Can’t fall in love again.

She woke up with a heavy head. She could not feel anything. She struggled to open her swollen eyes. She looked around. Everything was unusually silent. She saw the mirror. She saw that her swollen eyes were still moist. She was worried to carry the ‘P.S I love you’ hangover to work. Anybody could figure out her bad mood. Everything ...

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Review; Lootera almost stole my heart

Lootera is Vikramaditya Motwane’s attempt to win hearts after Udaan. The movie has stolen hearts of the critics. He almost stole mine too. The movie is set in the early 1950s. Pakhi (Sonakshi Sinha), is the only daughter to the Zamindar of Manikpur(Barun Chanda). Pakhi falls in love with Varun(Ranveer Singh), an experienced archaeologist who is interested in digging up ...

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JAM’s Top 5 Underrated Romantic Movies You Should Watch

Ashvita Singh is a die hard romantic. Here is what she has to say from the heart. Two people meet, fall in love. But love, owing to its intricate disposition, brings its fair share of hardships and hence, all of sudden everything goes wrong. It is only when things try to get little normal, jealous ex-lovers appear and sabotage what ...

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hey say monsoon is the season for romance. Whoever they are, that is. Getting drenched from head to toe isn’t exactly the ideal condition in which you meet up with your significant other, not even if you’re the poetic type, and can go on for hours altogether, romanticizing the season to such an extent that your gullible readers tend to ...

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