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Jobs and scope in food technology.

Chocolates, ice cream, pizza, noodles, samosas, dosas, juices and colas all are products of the Indian food industry. It’s not just restaurant chefs, but also the food technologists who run this industry. Food is a science. In fact a highly developed one, that is based on the fundamentals of biochemistry, physical sciences, chemistry and engineering. Technologists help to make the ...

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Food likings say a lot about you

Food happens to be a very essential part of our daily lives. For some itÔÇÖs a regular indulgence while for others an over-indulgence one canÔÇÖt seem to get enough of. No matter what your eating style is have you ever wondered what your food likings speak about you as a person. Varied scientific studies and research have come to the ...

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Soliloquies topping: Pizza 3D review

The reason why the low-budget 2012 Tamil movie by the same name worked was because it had the ability to surprise the audience with new and unpredictable things in its narrative. Ranging from being a supernatural thriller to a spooky horror to a brilliant suspense thriller, it pretty much had every genre known to Indian film-making minds, yet it was ...

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20 typical things about being Indian

1)      The first thing we learn in any new language is how to abuse 2)      At some point of our life we all have watched a South Indian movie just to guess what the actors are saying 3)      We love combining ketchup with pizza, maggi, omelettes, and just about everything 4)      We love bargaining, even though we have no clue ...

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