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Obama in India

With a humongous amount of hype around Obama visiting India, the whole nation it appears is on it’s toes to welcome the United States’ President. Many contentious issues will be discussed between Obama and Prime Minister Narendra Modi during this visit. Do these hyped up visits serve any purpose? To start with,┬á discussions┬ápertaining an agreement on climate change, civil-nuclear deal ...

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What it means to be a Gujju right now?

“Where are you from?” “I am from Vadodara.” “Come again?” “Vadodara, it’s in Gujarat.” I have been having that conversation for a long time with anyone and everyone from outside Gujarat. We hardly figure in the toppers list of the national competitive exams, our English speaking skills (the famous Dayaben twang) have been mocked over at least a zillion times, ...

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Namo’s Youth Appeal

The immense criticism faced by one of the most dynamic and powerful leaders of all times, Narendra Modi has single handedly taken the 2014 Lok Sabha elections by storm! A sweeping victory by a margin of 334 seats. He has been the foremost candidates for Prime Ministerial post, even though he was labelled “controversial, prejudiced and polarizing!”. Only by the ...

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