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Maggi vs Munshi

As India’s favourite bowl of instant noodles, Maggi (fondly a.k.a ‘Meri Maggi’) makes a dramatic return into our lives (and larders), not all seem too pleased. Of course, an overwhelming majority of the population is exultant, consisting primarily of busy-bee working mothers, malnourished hostelers, opportunistic street hawkers and fat kids. But there are always out-liers to even the most popular ...

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Hostel-itis: D.U girl tells you “break the rules, don’t get caught”

When going to study in a new place, accommodation can be a big issue. It is so more so with the Delhi University. Some colleges, universities and other institutions have enough hostels for all their students while others fail to deal with the burgeoning number of outstation students pouring in. So what does a girl do? Students turn to other ...

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Mess in mess

“What could I not do for some good food? “ says Nikhil Taneja There was a time when I used to look forward to the three meals of the day with longing. There was a time when I wished there would be two of each breakfast, lunch and dinner. There was a time when I would eat anything digestible with ...

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