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Maggi vs Munshi

As India’s favourite bowl of instant noodles, Maggi (fondly a.k.a ‘Meri Maggi’) makes a dramatic return into our lives (and larders), not all seem too pleased. Of course, an overwhelming majority of the population is exultant, consisting primarily of busy-bee working mothers, malnourished hostelers, opportunistic street hawkers and fat kids. But there are always out-liers to even the most popular ...

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Maa ke haath ka Maggi


  An epic anti-noodle mania is gripping the nation. Ever since un-permissible levels of lead and MSG (monosodium glutamate not the Messenger of God, dude) was found in Maa ke hath ki Maggi. So naturally Amitabh Bachhan and Madhuri Dixit were responsible (or irresponsible depending upon your political affiliations). The only positive point in this entire hullaballoo was that Preity ...

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20 typical things about being Indian

1)      The first thing we learn in any new language is how to abuse 2)      At some point of our life we all have watched a South Indian movie just to guess what the actors are saying 3)      We love combining ketchup with pizza, maggi, omelettes, and just about everything 4)      We love bargaining, even though we have no clue ...

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