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Couselling or Pressurizing?

“Matri devo bhava, pitri devo bhava.” Many of us might have heard or read this shloka somewhere or the other, at least once in our lifetime. The meaning is clear: our parents have been raised to the status of God. Indeed they are, no second thoughts about it but God only shows and guides us to the right path; he ...

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Admissions in Delhi Univ are hell, but it’s worth it.

Delhi University Post graduate admissions

I have lived in Mumbai all my life and after completing my undergrads in English Literature from my dream college here, I was clueless about what my next step would be. I was conflicted between further studies and taking up a job. My parents preferred the former and to some extent so did I because I didn’t know what job ...

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Transfer mana hai!

When pricipal Dr.Ashok Thorat resigned from his post and started an institution at Chinchwad, the M.A. (english) students who joined the college for Dr. Thorat wanted transfer from Shahu College to his institution, the former denied transfer and they even refused to give the students their first yr. end term mark sheet until and unless they got themselves readmitted in ...

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