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Resolution 2017: Live, not Exist

We are all guilty of hedonistically squandering away the last few days of the year, when ideally, we could be penning down our ‘New Year Resolutions’. This activity, although shirked by a majority, is imperative, if one wishes to rise up from the realm of stagnation. It is important to acknowledge at this juncture that creating your list of resolutions can seem ...

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A Conversation With God

Me: So why do you consider yourself God? God: I don’t, you do. Me: Well you created me, does that not make you special? God: Depends. Me: On what? God: Are you happy with yourself? Me: I am not sure. God: Do you think a person who creates something that no one is happy with is special? Me: Not really. ...

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Live.Die.Repeat: Edge Of Tomorrow; Movie Review

“On your feet Maggot!” shouts an army official, as Cage (Tom Cruise) wakes up yet again. The newly recruited, untrained Cage has to follow a sequence of steps and things that he will have to do over-and-over again. Doug Liman (Director Of The Bourne Identity) has perfectly encapsulated what it is to be a summertime moviegoer. He has made a ...

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XLRI, Jamshedpur to organise Maxi Fair, Jan 19-20, 2014.

XLRI, the premier private B School in India is all set to host the 35th MAXI Fair, one of the biggest and most respected marketing events in the B-school circuit on the 19th and 20th January, 2014. The event has already been officially inaugurated at the XLRI Campus in Jamshedpur. The heads of prominent entertainment and media companies delivered a talk ...

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Misguided feminism

I know after this post I will be hated by many females but I felt it’s time for someone to raise her voice against this rising irrational misguided ‘feminist” behaviour! Yes you heard it right, all this misguided feminism is affecting females way more than guys. Tell me one thing, oh c’mon, do we all go on shouting, “! wanna ...

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