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Book Review; God’s Own Kitchen, by Rashmi Bansal

People often asked Madhu Pandit – “Why did you leave IIT to become a monk?” Had he followed the conventional path, Madhu Pandit would have been a big-shot in some large corporation. Instead, he was the ‘CEO’ of a large temple. Guided by his guru A C Bhaktivedanta Srila Prabhupada. Propelled forward by the Divine Plan. A chance meeting with ...

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PG Girls – Oh the freedom to stay out late!

Everybody says ‘home sweet home’. I agree too. But home at times is not so sweet when you are surrounded with restrictions. In our society, especially girls are bound to follow rules (luckily not the case with me). On the other hand boys are ‘aankhon ka taara’. They are not so bonded with restrictions but that doesn’t mean they can ...

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