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Movie Review; Bharat

The Plot: The story is about a 10-year-old boy who gets separated from his father and sister during the tumultuous partition of 1947. He is left with the responsibility of his mother and two younger siblings. He meets up with this young kid Vilayti Khan who becomes his best friend lifelong partner and family. That along with his life of ...

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Dhoom waalon ki aisi ki taisi

Recently I had a terrible fight with my girlfriend. I wanted to watch the movie new animated movie ‘Frozen’, but she wanted to watch a twenty five year old lass vigorously grind herself across a forty five year old man’s eight pack abs, while the background music blared nonsensical lyrics about how expensive the popcorn is in PVR. The much awaited Dhoom ...

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Vroom, Vroom, Dhoom 3

Bikes, Babes and Robberies. Dhoom is back for the 3rd freaking time. And it’s a joke until the intermission sign comes up. I was waiting for the movie to introduce the characters a bit more swiftly but what I got was an over-exaggeration of everything there is. So what if the film is set in the west (Chicago)? It’s Bollywood we ...

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