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Are coaching classes hampering the quality of IIT education in India?

With increase in the number of coaching classes the number of students attending them have increased phenomenally. With the result, the number of students getting admitted in IITs has also increased. Those with raw intelligence are left behind if they don’t attend a coaching centre. Coaching gives you an idea of the various kinds of problems that may appear on ...

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Career: Is IIT, IIM about the good life?

‘Career queries’ like this one really bug me. “… I am expecting an admission in IIT for computer science or mathematics.At the same time I am also getting an admission in IISc for BS. In future I want to do MBA from a good university. I want to work as a investment banker. I am very confused which option would ...

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IIT’an Ban Gaya Film Star

vivek chandra ringtone

The glitz and glamour of cinema attracts all. But the idea of an aeronautical engineer from IIT, entering the world of cinema can never cease to astonish us. Vikas Chandra, who just passed out of IIT Madras is one such example. Having bagged a role in Santosh Parlawar’s Telugu movie “Ringtone”, slated to release in July 2013, he is all ...

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Why are the IITs Losing their Global Ranking

I am a graduate from IIT Kanpur. Every year whenever the world college rankings are announced, I carefully scan those in order to know the current ranking of my college, also in a hope that someday I’ll see it at the top. But to my surprise, my college is losing its ranking year by year. I studied so hard that ...

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The IIT/IIM brand

End of graduation and I was back to my hometown. My parents were happy over the fact that their son is a graduate. But there is a setup which is known as society and whether you like it or not you have to face the people of society. One of the prominent people are your neighbours. The aunty came to ...

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GATE-way to M.Tech

Introduction to GATE GATE is the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering. It is conducted by IISc (Indian Institute of Science and IITs).You can visit this link on IIT KGP website to know more about the GATE exam http://gate.iitkgp.ac.in/gate2014/about.php GATE is a national level entrance examination for post graduation courses. GATE Score can be used for getting admission in IITs , NITs , Indian Institute of Information ...

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Rock show at Saarang, IIT Madras

To drop some heavy-ass riff bombs, Saarang 2014 at IIT Madras brings you the Rock show with its headlining act – ARCHITECTS. Architects is a British Metalcore band from Brighton, England. The multi-genre influence and the amazing song writing ability to make the complex digestive, and to make it addictive is wha tthe IITans wanted. The band promises you melodic ...

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e-Yantra Robotics Competition – 2013

E-yantra is a free to enter competition organised by the IIT Mumbai. This annual competition arranged by the ERTS Labs of IIT, provides a platform for students to demonstrate their knowledge and programming skills in Embedded systems and Robotics. A few FAQs listed by them : Do we have to build a robot for this competition? NO – this is ...

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Have Sex. You’re *&$@^%(Married)

India is my country. All Indians are my brothers and sisters. To people who did not go to school—this is a crash course of our national pledge. It basically states that in our country, all the dudes are your bros and all the chicks are females that you cannot…er are your sisters. So basically that is why everyone here is ...

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JAM Editors Bring You The Career Special June


This week we bring you JAM’s Specials on Careers and Entrance Exams So you aim for a 90%+ in the 12th boards. And you’re still confused what to do? Doctor? Engineer? MBA? Or Media professional? Which exam to prepare for, coaching classes to take. What are you going to do in life after you become one? You are guessing. Nothing ...

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