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Who’s Afraid of the Tax?

The reason Apple sells so much is because they have loyal idiots who stand outside the stores like they are selling Angelina’s drool in a bottle rather than a phone. And the silly little phone sells because of the apps it has. From the Pedometer—that calculates how big a pedophile you are, to the app that counts the amount of ...

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Why The World Should End on 21-12-2012?

1. Walmart is coming to India: All’s not well in the political & retail paradise. And now with the entry of International Blue Whale (aka Walmart) what shall happen to the Indian fishes? 2. Mehengai Daayan: Nor are the salaries hiking, nor are the job offers getting better! Population is at its best increasing along with the prces of food, ...

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Drop Birds Not Bombs

The world is coming to an end this year, at least that’s what the movie ‘2012’ said. And you have to admit that Movies inspire more trust than the government ever could. So probably by next year all the human life will become as extinct as Emraan Hashmi’s dancing skills. So I fast forwarded a hundred years into the future, ...

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