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Bullshit Badshah

In this dark age of Bollywood, where we have nothing but remakes and rip-offs on screen, there comes a movie which is set apart from the rest, a movie that reassures your faith in our film industry. Sadly, I didn’t get to see that movie, so I had to settle for ‘Bullett Raja’. The first thing that I have to ...

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Grand Masti! The unnecessary ‘R’

GRAND MASTI! The unnecessary ‘R’ in the title actually makes it misleading, because the only thing “Grand” in this movie, is Vivek Oberoi’s Samsung. This movie was an attempt at adult comedy in India. Of course, making Adult movies in India is tantamount to doing ritualistic sacrifices of kittens and puppies. And so an attempt to make a comic film on ...

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In Love with My Neighbourhood

Like always, that day Mom had arranged Puja in our home inviting almost half of my colony. She had 2-3 pujas every month! I don’t know whether her devotion was affecting Gods but sure that affected dad’s pocket. Well, what else could my dad do? Even after refusing a thousand times, she ordered me to visit every house of our ...

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Once Upon a Time in a Call Centre

‘F#$K O%F!’ The first word that I heard from a well-mannered UK citizen when I started my journey in a well known international call center. Call center? A place where some Indian fools sit together, putting their invective hearing device (headphone) and try to sell some products to some fools all around the globe. Like other junkistaniz, I wanted to ...

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Roomies keep screwing my boring life

Roomies?  How do I define them? The guys who share rent with you or the guys with whom you live with under a roof! Naah! Roomies are those who love screwing your peaceful life and love using your stuff. For a year I was living alone with my own as I was working on a novel and believe me, I ...

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Anjaani Raahen hai, Aur anjaane log hai kahi aisa to nahi yaaro ki main rasta bhool gaya hoon Tujhe andaja nahi ki main kitna tujh pe marta hoon Apne dil aur jaan se jyada pyaar tujhe main karta hoon Sochta hoon kabhi ijhaar-e-mohabbat bhi kar doon Par tere boxer bhai se bahut darta hoon Haal-e-dil bayan nahi kar sakta tujhe ...

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Life in Bullets

• I have stopped making plans for outings with friends. It is much better than making plans and then cancelling. • Have become incredibly assertive at work. Am shooting off mails which rattle up people the way a rattlesnake in your soup would rattle you. Got into a sharp debate with my manager last week .Took apart an office boy ...

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Beware of the Moron on Facebook

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Don’t some people take life very seriously? They are left with no other option but to post about it on Facebook. They want to sleep, wake up, bath, cough, sneeze, puke, or even die, about all this serious business on Facebook. If you are the one who is doing a research on various kinds of morons, facebook.com would be really ...

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