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Have a bai or you die

The atmosphere around the room was tensed. Everybody were sitting with their head bowed down and with thinking lines on their foreheads. Nobody seemed to have clue about the next step. One of us said “let’s see what happens” and stood up started doing piece of work assigned through random selection. Well I was given the work to wash the ...

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6 Types Of College Confessions


  Every great college has a passing fad which takes it by the storm and leaves it ravaged. First came the utterly stupid act of random people bursting into synchronized dance in public places causing embarrassment to the onlookers by performing raunchy steps copied from YouTube – which was good. Then came the fad of acting like an insane baboon ...

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4 ways to avoid being branded a SLUT

We all know that men objectify women, and some of us get branded as a SLUT for our choices and actions. So I decided to help women out and come out with some guidelines on how to avoid this labeling. For starters, 1) DO NOT TALK TO MEN!!! I know most of you have let out a gasp in shock. ...

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 So, I’m learning to drive a car, you know, ’cause I’m 18 now, and that’s what adults do. To those of you who have been driving since you were 14, stop laughing and get out. Seriously, I am 18 and barely tall enough to handle the break and keep my head high enough to keep my eyes on the road ...

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What do porn and politics have in common?

Yes. You read it right. I tried to compare between porn and politics. Everyone knew that these two are the oldest in the world. But don’t expect much dirty comparisons here. Gone are the days where people tried hard to find or watch porn. You could find such tapes only at certain places with lot of restrictions. Likewise you should roam everywhere you can to ...

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Main Tera Hero

I have been a huge David Dhawan and Govinda fan for as long as I can remember. I have grown up watching the same old cliched and predictable stories that included love triangles, winning the dad over, rich girl poor boy love stories and even the No. 1’s he made with the comedy king of 90’s. I never complained, even ...

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Holi Conjunctivitus !

Finally the festival of Colors is upon us, and by colors I don’t mean the channel that does Kapil’s reruns three hundred and eighteen times a day. I’m talking about Holi–the festival that should preferably end with the suffix ‘Crap’. Ideally this traditional festival is about using various colors to make a person completely or partially blind, develop nasty skin ...

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Sati Savitri – extinct species


Maybe I never met any ‘kind’ girl in my life. Maybe I never dated a kind girl or maybe there aren’t any kind girls left on earth. And if they’re present then it’s tough to get to them or find them as they are a rare form. If you are one of those looking for this rare Sati – Savitri, ...

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“Mummy, syllabus ke bahar question pucha!” – when Rahul Gandhi flunks the test.

Rahul Gandhi came extremely well-versed for his interview with Times Now’s editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami. But unfortunately for him, Arnab did not ask the questions that he came prepared for.  Rahul determinedly stuck to his order of replies irrespective of the questions, prompting Sonia Gandhi to go “Oh God! This is like his board exams all over again!” He seemed to ...

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10 simple ways to become manlier

Being manly is such a big deal for you, isn’t it? Follow these few steps that will turn you into an incredible man. All you need is sheer determination and a GIRL or GIRLS. 100% satisfaction and solitude guaranteed. Be what you were born to be. An insensitive hard ass, for nuts’ sake! When your girl calls you for like ...

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