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JAM Top 5; Great ideas for Valentine’s day

Sudden spurts of anger, long arguments, stupid fights followed by bitter cries; itÔÇÖs time to move ahead of all these. The month of love is here, setting the perfect mood for you to re-instil love in your life, enabling it to bloom once again.   So what are you waiting for? Pick up a pen and a paper and draw ...

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His and her gifts

Anniversaries are a time of celebrating your relationship. What’s like celebrating if you don’t do- gifts! And being the gift Grinch that I am, I believe we should do traditional things with a twist. Presenting his and her gifts! No I do not mean the half heart keychain or cup. Most guys do not like very cheesy things and face ...

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Smart ideas for Valentine’s day, on a budget

Oh the festival of love, hearts and red confetti. Valentines day has such a charm, committed or single, everyone gets hit by the cherub’s arrow. But while his arrow strikes you with love, it will not strike you with a lot of cash. So how do you make a grand gesture of love with your pocket not so full? We’ll ...

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Top 5 recipes to his heart; Val-Day special

You know how they say that the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach? This is a 100% true thing. We all love food, food connects people and we celebrate most of our celebrations with food You want to gift him something special but don’t want to buy something lame or cheesy? Then try making something. This valentine’s ...

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10 Pocket friendly date ideas in Mumbai

One of the few pleasures in life is food. Food doesn’t judge, food doesn’t leave, food gives you this warm feeling and happiness. It’s not surprising that we share the food we love with the ones we love. But the key is it’s affordability. You don’t want to take your girlfriend somewhere and not have┬áa wallet to match up the ...

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The drug called love.

You know how they show it in movies and books, the boy and the girl fall in love in weird cheesy ways and live happily ever after? I used to believe that. Till I reached 17. We always have an idea about love. We want this and that. He should be tall. She should be smart. He should be romantic. ...

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Prince charming- or not

This one time, my friend told me: “I want a guy who will say I’m beautiful even when I’m hairy as a gorilla.” To which I asked her a simple question, ” Would you call HIM handsome if he was hairy as a gorilla?”. *silence*  We’ve seen it in movies, read about it in books, and dreamt about it over ...

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10 Hilariously sarcastic tweets on Fathers’ day

Father to son

1. Happy Father’s Day to a dad that will never see this tweet. He doesn’t know what twitter even is. Here’s to you dad. 2.Happy Father’s Day daddy , wait I don’t know you (-; 3.Hats off to all those who didn’t use CONDOM that night. Happy Father’s Day. 4.Happy Father’s Day to all the boys that make their girlfriends ...

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Breaking News : Porn OK Please

Champak Chauhan (name changed for confidentiality) is a promising lad from the middle strata of the Indian Society. Every day he wakes up at 6 o’clock and after his morning chores, wears a dhoti, smears an orange teeka on his forehead and performs a detailed aarti of the God he believes in, with all his soul – Hanumanji. He believes ...

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