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1 more reason to study in Europe

The Trump administration has taken over and among its first policies has been to restrict the issuance of HI-B visas. Trump has openly declared an ​”​anti foreigners​”​ policy. Jobs in the US particularly in the IT engineering science have been coveted by Indian professionals. In the last few years, their government has been steadily reducing the work visas ​​for Indian students​. This ...

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Don scares Indians off US campuses

The news is from the Economic Times, Mumbai Nov 18, 2016. The US is in turmoil, there are not enough jobs. Their government has been steadily reducing the work visa to international students. This is called called the H1-B Visa Donald Trump’s victory has further spooked the markets severely. He has openly declared an “anti foreigners” policy. Which means you not ...

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Study in Germany; top Universities, top choice

Pooja Biraia tells you why Germany might be a better option for that Master’s course you have been planning to do abroad. For most people aspiring to go abroad for their post graduation, the US, UK, Canada or some Asian countries are the most frequented destinations. But considering other options can be surprisingly useful. Do consider Germany before making such ...

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Study Abroad: Top Univs in Germany and how to apply

I completed my Bachelors in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering from Hyderabad. In my 3rd year I was scouting for post graduate courses abroad. Following my seniors advice, my search narrowed down to Germany. From over 500 universities in Germany, I found a few universities which had courses of my interests. Universities in Germany are divided in 3 categories: Universität, Fachhochschule ...

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Germany: We are the Champions

The final showdown of the football world cup between Germany and Argentina was definitely a magnum opus. The game right from the start was a neck to neck display of excellent sportsmanship. Philipp Lahm and his team after their colossal victory over a great team like Brazil were favourites to win the cup. And they didn’t disappoint their fans, their ...

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