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4 Better or Worse

Anuj Agrawal categorises an engineering student’s life into four stages as per the four years engineering course. Added is a touch of humour. Fresher’s Time (1st year): I am a bit confused whether I should call it fresher’s time or ragging time or senior’s time. Because main apne time ki baat karun toh it used to be totally seniors time, ...

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Chemical Locha

Interested in making a career as a Chemical Engineer? JAM brings you gyaan about the field Chemical Engineering is considered the most versatile of engineering branches and with good reason. It combines the work of various professions such as chemists, industrial engineers, materials engineers and electrical engineers, for the production of chemicals and related by-products. The work of a Chemical ...

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There’s a Rancho on every Campus

So you saw 3 Idiots. So what? You thought Rancho was too good to be true? Well, almost. None of the people you see here are 45 years old and going to college. But they all are special in their own way which compelled us to say, ‘Oye Rancho’. Here’s presenting the real Ranchos on campuses across the country. The ...

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Biotechnology Engineering

Utter the word engineering and the first words you would hear would be IT or maybe computers (apart from the names of the companies where your parents would want you to be). If not the above, then mechanical, electronics or civil will surely be thrown at you. If not, then you live in an alternate universe. According to some (ignoramuses), ...

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Fire Engineering

It is a dangerous profession that requires a strong sense of commitment to public service. The role of fire engineers span from engineering design to operations and management. Fire engineers play a pivotal role in ensuring protection and taking necessary precautions against fires. A fire engineer’s main responsibility is to contain the damage of a fire. In India, the major ...

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To Join or not to join

The dreaded R-word has come back to haunt us once again. Graduates of the 2009 batch must be cursing their luck. We couldn’t have had a worse time to graduate. The current situation is such that more than half of the batch is sitting at home waiting for the ever elusive date-of-joining letter from the companies. The companies on the ...

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