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Four inspiring books you should read about the Engineers who built India

Every Indian student has, at least once in their lives, considered becoming an engineer. We can’t help it because that has been the most desirable profession in our society for ages now.  Result: The internet today is flooded with memes and jokes about the engineering life. But jokes apart, our country has produced some really inspiring engineers who have played ...

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Trainee engineer discovers the airhostess.

air hostess

First day in an aeroplane. The excitement was not about taking off on a scientific marvel or agonising if its the Airbus or a Boeing, but the curiosity was about two other things; a) how to pee in the aeroplane, and b) what an air-hostess really looks like and what she really does. Back in the nursery days, the back-bencher pundits ...

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Doctor or engineer? Which has more money and demand?

There are two kinds of doctors in the world: those who see it as a career requiring selfless dedication and those who see it as a job that involves prescribing medication. The first kind is becoming a rare, dwindling species, serving in the few large public hospitals which mostly treat the poor and needy. The stipend that interns earn at ...

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