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With the opening of the insurance sector, the demand for qualified personnel is sky-rocketing. It is estimated that 1,200 qualified insurance agents will be snapped up in the first year itself and the high growth in the sector will create even more opportunities. How To Become An Insurance Agent A person with the minimum qualification of 12th standard pass (in ...

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Sound Engineering

Sound engineering simply means editing audio. An audio engineer is someone with experience and training in production and manipulation of sound. So basically he has the power to make you sound like Daffy Duck if you are not good to him. He is the person responsible for Himesh sounding nasal and Rakhi Sawant sounding like she’s just delivered triplets*. Audio ...

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Interior Designer

Home Sweet Home – Careers in Interiors Are you creative? Do you have a vivid imagination? Do you love playing with colors and spaces? Well, if you do then you probably possess the basic aptitude required for Interior designing. Here’s JAM’s funda on this interesting field…. Let’s get straight to the difference between Interior Designing & Interior Decoration. An Interior ...

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Foreign Languages

It’s no longer just ‘parlez-vous François’ or ‘guten tag’. And you can’t rely on sign language either. Thanks to globalization, learning a foreign tongue can take you places. Two of the hottest are German and Japanese, because of their ‘commercially viable’ status. The Work Factor Most people complete a foreign language course to stand by two people yakking in different ...

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Fitness Professional

So you want the bulging biceps and those taut athletic legs. Now normally that would mean shelling out anywhere between 500-1500 bucks a month. But if you’ve got the body and the energy, you could be a Fitness Professional. Tone your body and get paid for it. It’s a win-win situation. So What Do You Have To Do? After all, ...

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VidYuth an association by young social entrepreneurs.

Where majority of the youth today abide by the ‘I don’t care attitude’, here are a few students who want to make a difference and create social awareness. VidYuth is an organization which was established in November 2008 by Anshuman Sinha (the founder and initiator of VidYuth) along with his colleagues Somesh Kamra and Varun Verma, who assist him in ...

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