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Prince charming- or not

This one time, my friend told me: “I want a guy who will say I’m beautiful even when I’m hairy as a gorilla.” To which I asked her a simple question, ” Would you call HIM handsome if he was hairy as a gorilla?”. *silence*  We’ve seen it in movies, read about it in books, and dreamt about it over ...

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Vamps’ Affair!

The Indian television industry thrives on daily soaps and we, the audience, thrive on them. The elaborate sets, loud make-up, sneers and smirks and the slow motion focus of the faces; we can never forget them. Ever. The characters are, literally larger than life (read: They return from the dead. On multiple occasions) and their stories, even larger! But the ...

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12 Years A Slave Review

It’s the disturbingly true story about an African-American guy during in-slave American times who lives in New York but he is a free man, i.e no one can make him a slave until a couple of people con him and get him drunk selling him later to people who buy slaves. First things first, Chiwetel Ejiofor gives out a total ...

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Can dance express the pain of communal riots?

Parinati, a Bharathnatyam solo dance drama will be performed by Aarthy Natarajan on June 22, at Mumbai. Parinati is a painful exploration of a girl’s life, which is traumatized by the death of her parents in communal riots. Categorized in different stages, the Bharathnatyam dance drama accentuates the overwhelming emotions of girl ranging from agony to trauma to revenge and ...

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